Parween Pajwak

Parween Pazhwak

Parween Pazhwak is a prolific author and artist born in Kabul to the literary and political Pazhwak family in 1967.

She attended Malalai High School and studied medicine in the Avicenna Medical Institute but was unable to practice medicine due to the war in Afghanistan. Her family like many others had to leave their homeland in search of safety. Parween Pazhwak’s work of literature includes modern Persian poetry, novels, and short stories.

She has also written, translated, and illustrated countless children’s books and her books has been translated to English and French. Among Parween Pazhwak’s most well-known published books are River in Dew, Salam Marjan, and Negina and the Stars. She now lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and children.